I watched Fireproof for the first time tonight and I came away from the movie with mixed feelings. I started looking things up on the internet and reading about the premise and Kirk Cameron. I was surprised to find out his real life wife was the body double for the actress (she stood in for […]

30 Birthday Wishes…

I wish…. Everyone could have what my parents have…first love at first sight and many years of marriage. And since that is not realistic…that everyone can have chances (like I have had) to love even if they lose or screw things up. It was always Spring because it is wonderful!! Summer is too hot, Fall […]

Too Many More To Go

Two weeks ago we got word that Frank won’t be home for several more months.  It really was hard to swallow.  I had hoped that January, maybe around Olivia and my birthday, Frank would be home.  This means a lot of holidays and first days without him.  This month was Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, the Marine […]

Don’t be rude…

Dear Confederate aka”Rebel” flag flyers, This is a simple reminder that the American Civil War lasted from 1861-1865. Probably before your grandparents, grandparents were even thought of, but that is really a moot point. While I don’t understand your fascination with a flag that symbolized the division of this nation that we live in and […]

Wish You Were Here

I have read and reread C.S. Lewis, A Grief Observed over the last three years. It is an honest account of grief…specifically losing one’s spouse, and what it does to every part of you. The first quote is about what one can come to believe about God (C.S. Lewis wrote this as a Christian man) […]

Soul Smiling

There are some things in this life that make you smile from a place so deep that you often forget it even exists.  You don’t even realize that the place is there until something triggers it and you find yourself with an unsuspecting smile on your face.  Lately there have been several moments where I […]

Seven Deadly Trunks

On July 10th I opened Mike’s trunks for the first time since they were delivered to my home, opened, and inventoried, after his death.  There are four green trunks, which contained all of his things that were “cleaned” and recorded before sent home to me.  Then there were two trunks that the guys in the […]

Charmed life

As most of us do, I always imagined that I would have a charmed life. One without any major bumps or bruises. One with minimal emotional pain, and preferably, utilizing my own risk control, one with minimal physical pain. That is so not how my life has been. I went through pure hell when I […]

A Love Interrupted

“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.”

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