Cardinals reprised

Most people who know me know how much I love cardinals. I have loved them as long as I can remember. I used to watch them from the window of my Grandma’s old farmhouse and I still remember the awe I felt. Even as a child they gave me a peace and reassurance that I […]

Only The Lord knows…

Four years… Only The Lord knows how I’ve made it this far. Stand up, don’t lay down. Keep moving forward, don’t give up. The children need you so forget your scars, (Only The Lord knows how I’ve made it this far). Listen, don’t turn them away. Dry your tears, don’t cry anymore. His friends need […]

The Lonely….

Michael, Even with all the time we spent away from each other and all the mistakes we both made, I never knew the lonely could be so lonely. I do not think it is something you can truly know unless you experience an unchangeable, permanent separation. It is nearly 3 am and I am still […]

Dear Michael, Before I lost you I did not know that it was possible to miss someone so very much.  I missed you when you were gone, but there was always the promise that you would return.  In this life I will never see you again and that is heartbreaking.  I just want to hear […]

Without You

Michael, It seems that everything is tainted with a bit of sadness without you. I can be so very happy in my heart and my general mood, but also feel a very deep sense of sadness. In those moments I cannot help but to cry, even through my smiles. Olivia, our baby girl, played in […]

Happy Birthday Love

Happy Birthday Love, You are twenty-five again.  For the third year in a row, you are twenty-five.   When I am old, gray, and wrinkled you will still be young, handsome, and twenty-five.  Your face will be frozen in my memories and all of the pictures I have will reflect you in all your twenty-fiveness.  […]


Michael, You taught me something that I often forget until it is too late.  I am worth it.  When you met me I had been beaten down with life.  At the end of my tunnel there was only darkness and it was that way for a long time.  Through your first deployment I still really […]

A Love Interrupted

“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.”

Laura Thornhill Photo

Laura Thornhill Photo


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